Our Services

callingcardCalling Card services:
We are here to provide variety of International Phone Cards & Prepaid Calling Cards for you to select. We sell not only cheap phone cards to call your destination but we give you discount on all purchases you made. We understand your needs, that’s is way our calling card store never close so you can buy prepaid phone card online at your convenience.
You may also find phone cards with high quality connection offering rates that long distance providers could not offer. These phone cards secure extensive reliance.
Our Company will help you to get in touch with your friends and family. By using Prepaid Phone Card you will save huge amount of money on your long distance bill every month! Company Name calling cards and phone cards are trouble free.  SIGN UP (for this Service!).

wholesaleWholesale A2Z Termination:
We provide A2Z (whole world) termination and direct routes for carriers, VoIP service providers, callshop operators, call centers and Internet Cafes. Our wholesale A2Z is feature packed to enable our customers to maximize their profits while keeping their costs down.
Our A2Z termination service will deliver your calls to wherever you are calling (yes, we cover the whole planet). SIGN UP (for this Service!).

callshop. Call Shop solutions:
Our company has introduced a new line of low cost, functionality rich Call Shop solutions which will allow entrepreneurs’ quick entry and competitive stay in the rapidly growing VoIP industry. These scalable solutions have speedy and easy setup processes and minimal investment requirements.
We offer you solutions for running your own call shop. We will supply you with the technical equipment and the billing software necessary.
You Can use gateways with 2, 4, 8 ports or more, which provide a very high quality voice with minimal bandwidth required. SIGN UP (for this Service!).

mobileshopWhat is Mobile VoIP?:
Mobile VoIP is a term used to describe the delivery of Voice over IP via a mobile handset. Mobile VoIP is delivered by a third party service provider over a WiFi or 3G network cellular network that a mobile device is connected to. Mobile VoIP service providers typically require a user to download software onto their mobile device in order to gain access to their service. SIGN UP (for this Service!).

pc2phoneWhat is PC To Phone Service?:
You can make Internet telephone calls from your PC using the FREE soft phone which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone. All you need is a PC, loudspeakers and a microphone – or a headset – and a connection to the Internet.
When you register with us, we give you a free ‘soft phone’ which you can download and use to make calls and unlimited internet calls from your PC or Laptop to anyone else with a compatible phone.
You can also use it to call people with an ordinary telephone or a mobile phone anywhere in the world for as low as $0.02 SIGN UP (for this Service!).