Calling Card services

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We are here to provide variety of International Phone Cards & Prepaid Calling Cards for you to select. We sell not only cheap phone cards to call your destination but we give you discount on all purchases you made. We understand your needs, that’s is way our calling card store never close so you can buy prepaid phone card online at your convenience. You may also find phone...

Mobile Dialer

Mobile VoIP is a term used to describe the delivery of Voice over IP via a mobile handset. Mobile VoIP is delivered by a third party service provider over a WiFi or 3G network cellular network that a mobile device is connected to. Mobile VoIP service providers typically require a user to download software onto their mobile device in order to gain access to their service. SIGN U...

PC Dailer

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You can make Internet telephone calls from your PC using the FREE soft phone which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone. All you need is a PC, loudspeakers and a microphone – or a headset – and a connection to the Internet. When you register with us, we give you a free ‘soft phone’ which you can download and use to make calls and unlimited internet calls from your PC ...